My ideal is creating a total environment of artistic works that juxtapose impermanence, obsolescence, and solitude with the fury and chaos of modernity, how that relates to nature itself and our own human nature by fusing literature with visual art and music. As a poet I believe there is poetry in everything and have seen how artists of other said mediums can interact with our world in the same way. People naturally appeal to some senses, or the functionality of those senses, more so than others. My goal is to allow the opportunity to become fully submerged in a sensory overload type state and give a bi—or even tri—lateral view and experience of these ideas we portray in speaking for ourselves and potentially a whole generation. As artists, we learn to accept that people may have boggled interpretations of what we do, presently, but we must also work towards assisting better realizations of what moves us, aesthetically and cognitively. Keeping in mind [my] reverence to the past, and how quickly we will become that past, we must balance the objectivity and subjectivity that accompanies our drives and desires. We are creating art for not only our contemporaries but must realize our responsibilities as antecedents of something much bigger than ourselves. —Gregory William Goodrich

“If you have not found the heaven within, you have not found the heaven without.” —James Hilton